Solutions for the Power Distribution Sector

The transition to a smarter grid has become a necessity for the power distribution industry faced with the growing demand and need to address global warming concerns. It has become imperative to support increased renewable generation, micro-grids, electric vehicles, consumer engagement programs for peak reduction and intelligent and smart devices, advanced metering, demand side management (DSM) and demand response (DR). And if all this wasn’t enough, customers still demand more up-time and reliability, irrespective of the complexity in rolling out all these programs and technologies. Kalkitech is pioneering the development of cutting edge smart metering and distribution automation solutions to enable the Smart Grid and empower utilities to increase grid efficiency and customer service.

Kalkitech’s solutions for the distribution sector include:

Smart Metering

Kalkitech’s Automated Meter Reading (AMR)/Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solutions help gather real-time data for industrial, commercial and residential consumers.
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Distribution Automation

Kalkitech’s Distribution Automation solutions help in real time monitoring of Distribution equipment and integrate with SCADA/DMS systems across major utilities.
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DLMS/COSEM Source Code for Smart Meters

Kalkitech provides a comprehensive set of offerings around DLMS/COSEM protocols encompassing various industry stakeholders – utilities, meter manufacturers, AMR/AMI providers, Application software developers, regulatory bodies, certification agencies and embedded chip manufacturers.
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