Kalkitech’s strong focus on Research and Development has helped the company in developing niche products. Kalkitech’s main products include SYNC and ELTRIX

Kalkitech SYNC

Kalkitech SYNC is a suite of products that provide field-to-enterprise communication for the energy sector, based on Kalkitech’s policy of promoting open standards and standards based solutions. SYNC enables seamless and secure communication aiding interoperability in power generation, transmission and distribution. SYNC products have been widely used across the globe in Substation Automation, Distribution Automation and Remote Monitoring, Consumer and Grid Metering and Smart Grid solutions for nearly a decade and are well positioned to facilitate the Smart Grid of the future.

Kalkitech ELTRIX

Kalkitech ELTRIX is a software product that helps to optimize power generation, transmission and distribution by reducing operational costs and maximizing gains. The modules include: Power Plant Performance Monitoring,  Availability Based Tariff, Dispatch Operations of Power Systems, and Merit Order Rating Models.