SYNC 4000 series ‚Äď Control Center Concentrator

4000SYNC 4000 series of products are Control Center level Data Concentrators that can be used for a variety of high performance  and heavy data applications including Wide Area Monitoring, SCADA Data Aggregation, M2M Data Concentration, etc. SYNC 4000 PDC variant used as Synchrophasor data concentrator (PDC) can stream data from any IEEE C37.118 compliant phasor measurement unit.  SYNC 4000 CC variant are high end Control Center Gateways having M2M Server, Protocol conversion, PLC, and FEP functionalities built into one device. This product can be used to interconnect automation system (SCADA, EMS/DMS) LAN to WAN networks like MPLS/GPRS/CDMA/UMTS without compromising on the security of the network.

Synchrophasor measurement has been gaining acceptance in power system operations and is being widely adopted in many power systems. A wide variety of devices now support synchrophasors, from stand-alone Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs), to protection relays, meters, fault recorders and other substation devices.

With the standardization of synchrophasor communications by IEEE C37.118, utilities can now select best-of-breed equipment from various vendors, and integrate them into their applications. However, as the number of installed synchrophasor capable devices increase, utilities and integrators begin to face the problem of scalability in integrating large numbers of these devices.

  • High performance with minimum data loss and latency
  • Scalable to 100 simultaneous PMU connections and 4 client connections
  • Up to 60 samples/sec data rate
  • IEEE C37.118 standard compliant – interoperability of PMU possible
  • Protocol conversion to other common power system protocols – ICCP, Modbus, IEC 61850, DNP3.0 and many more
  • Server based implementation for easy management
  • ¬†Multi-tiered architecture for large systems
  • SNTP based time synchronization
  • ¬†Supports external IRIG-B inputs using optional PCI interface*
  • TCP, UCP and hybrid communication profiles
  • Can be deployed on off-the-shelf high end server platforms to meet customers scalability and expansion requirements
  • User friendly desktop based configuration and diagnostics utility
  • Redundancy support and hot standby support for critical applications

*OPC server support for SYNC platforms to integrate phasor data to WAM visualization and data management applications