Grid Automation Consulting

Kalkitech Grid Automation Consulting delivers standards based substation communication, engineering and automation services to utilities and OEMs. While our services mainly revolve around the IEC 61850 standard, and integrating conventional substation protocols and IED setting interfaces, we also enable seamless integration and modernization of substation systems and substation products for transmission and distribution automation requirements. Kalkitech with its expertise in standards-based communication protocols and optimization enables CIM / ICCP / IEC 61850 / DNP3 / IEC 60870-5 / IEEE C37.118 based communication solutions as well as various security standards (NERC/CIP compliance requirements). This expertise and experience has helped Kalkitech take up and successfully execute projects for marquee clients in more than 20 countries across four continents.

Control Center Consulting Services from Kalkitech enable utilities to design, develop and deploy communication and application integration software and security infrastructure for modern Smart Grid control centers. Kalkitech also enables integration with conventional control centers and substation automation infrastructure. Kalkitech has extensive experience in:

  • CIM (IEC 61970) based enterprise integration
  • Front end processor development and support
  • WAMS application development and analytics
  • ICCP / IEC 61850 / IEC 60870-5 / DNP3 based control center integration
  • SCADA / EMS integration
  • Time series Historian integration

IEC 61850 and Future Control Centers

IEC 61850 enterprise applications’ have wide scope at station and control center level. It helps utilities and system managers to view IEC 61850 power system data in a structured and meaningful way. These systems use IEC 61850 client and future IEC 61850-90-x protocol extensions to enable exchange of high level power system data between control centers and substations. CIM (Common Information Model) extensions helps utilities to harmonize IEC 61850 information and exchange data at the organization level.

IEC 61850 now offers standard object modeling methodology for different power system domains like substation, wind, hydro, DER, data collection, and hence the representation and management of alternate resources has become significantly easier. Enhanced GUI applications with IEC 61850 and CIM back-end communication layer, help utilities to monitor manage and seamlessly integrate the different flavors of power system data under a single umbrella. IEC 61850 based configuration management, version management, data ware-housing etc are some of the future functionalities that will enable utilities to work towards better Smart Grid solutions.

Kalkitech offers consulting services for system study, designing, engineering, installation, testing and commissioning of the Substation Automation system as per IEC 61850 standards. Furthermore, we provide migration strategies for IEC 61850 to ensure a seamless and cost-efficient integration with existing installations, which also includes SCADA and energy management connections. Kalkitech offers services to utilities in different segments such as oil and gas refineries; transmission and distribution companies and public grid companies based on IEC 61850 standards as follows:

  • Protection engineering
  • Relay coordination
  • Power system analysis
  • Protocol training and consulting
  • IEC 61850 lab setup
  • Interoperability testing
  • Scalability testing and simulation
  • SCL engineering design
  • LDC integration
  • Performance simulation
  • Disturbance uploading and analysis

Kalkitech offers consulting services in Distribution Automation, especially with respect to communication design, protocol performance, automatic control and monitoring and asset management and maintenance services.

  • Distribution power system analysis
  • RMU placement study
  • Remote monitoring services
  • Asset management services
  • SCADA / DMS consulting
  • Communication, configuration and testing
  • Factory acceptance test
  • Site installation, testing and commissioning
  • IEC 61850 local communication and IEC 870-5-101, IEC 870-5-104 communication with dispatch center on VSAT, PLCC
  • IEC 61850, IEC 103, DNP3, courier, SPA and LON communication with OEM relays
  • SCADA engineering for major OEMs like ABB / Siemens / GE / Alstom

Enabling IEC 61850 based communication and engineering for Smart Grid applications is one of the key drivers of modernization of existing electricity networks. The growing expansion of IEC 61850 technology and standard into areas like renewable energy, generation and control center communications are significant pointers to the benefits of adopting a 61850 based communication system for Grid Automation. Kalkitech offerings around the IEC 61850 standard include:

  • IEC 61850 SAS Consulting
  • IEC 61850 Implementation Consulting
  • IEC 61850 Engineering Consultancy
  • SA Protocol Interoperability Consulting
  • IEC 61850 Training, Testing and Validation

IEC 61850 SAS Consulting

IEC 61850 is one of the most widely accepted international standards for power system communication that is adopted in substation, hydro power plant, wind energy networks and distributed energy resources because of its seamless inter-operability characteristics and ability to integrate both substation protocols and substation engineering. In addition, it is currently being adopted into distribution automation systems. Kalkitech is one of the leading enablers of IEC 61850 solutions and services including IEC 61850 consulting and training.

We assist utilities with IEC 61850 SAS adoption including engineering tool development, customization for organization process requirements, deploying test environments to test the IEC 61850 Substation Automation System, developing an integrated engineering repository for utility operations and maintenance purposes.

IEC 61850 Implementation Consulting

Kalkitech consultancy services help customers to define a meaningful approach for IEC 61850 based product implementations and to  design and install  Substation Automation Systems (SAS). This includes definition of the features to be implemented in the proposed product, platform identification, and internal design suggestions freeing customers from the burden of stipulating protocol specific technical details. With extensive experience in engineering and development of SAS systems, Kalkitech can provide end-to-end assistance through the designing, tendering, engineering and commissioning phases.

We assist in the following stages of the implementation for IEC 61850 protocol:

  • Create product road map and implementation program to meet target market requirements.
  • Design, develop and validate the product and provide certification assistance

IEC 61850 Engineering Consultancy

Kalkitech’s IEC 61850 Substation Configuration Language consultancy services cover consulting, training and implementation and validation assistance in using IEC 61850 SCL for SAS systems. Our services include interoperability engineering between vendor systems, SCADA automation systems and third party independent tools and customization. Kalkitech’s IEC 61850 SCL Manager tool is a versatile tool available for utilities to provide engineering interoperability Kalkitech works with utilities to customize the tool to meet their specific enterprise and process requirements. For more information on Kalkitech SYNC 6000 Series SCL Manager, please visit SYNC 6000.

We impart training and provide support and guidance to utility engineers to deploy IEC 61850 based engineering systems.

SA Protocol Inter-operability Consulting

Globally, Substation Automation systems still have a large install base of IEC 60870-5 and DNP3 based protocols as well as legacy protocols. Further, most SA systems follow proprietary protocols for disturbance data and settings interface. Hence, it is critical for utilities to integrate their legacy and proprietary interfaces with the IEC 61850 standards based SAS. Kalkitech has decades of experience in designing and developing IEC 60870-5, DNP3 as well as IEC 61850 protocols. This expertise combined with the experience of working with leading OEMs of the world in building their proprietary protocols allows Kalkitech to provide a unique inter-operable protocol solutions and implementation services.

IEC 61850 Training and Simulation

Kalkitech conducts events, training programs and workshops to familiarize customers including utilities with the IEC 61850 standards based protocol, latest enhancements, and related technologies. Kalkitech offers both protocol and implementation training to customers – both OEMs and utilities.

With the integration of more and more power system networks,, testing of systems requires expertise in both communication and power system concepts. Kalkitech helps utilities and OEMs to develop IEC 61850 GUI based test systems for better analysis of their power system (for internal and external uses). With its technical and communication expertise, Kalkitech can help customers validate their system’s protocol functionality and total power system behavioral aspects in case of internal and system events through its testing services.

Kalkitech’s IEC 61850 Testing Solution combines configuration and simulation tools.  With SCL Manager, users can create IEC 61850 power system configurations. Power system configurations can be created at IED level by using the ICD Manager functionality and at the power system level by using SLD and system specification functionality. For more information on Kalkitech IEC 61850 SCL Manager, please click here: IEC 61850 SCL Manager

Any third Party IEC 61850 configurations can be analyzed and simulated using IED simulator. Kalkitech provides cloud based simulation environments or works with utilities to set up simulation laboratories for large scale IEC 61850 IED simulation.

IEC 61850 Protocol Driver Implementation

IEC 61850 protocol driver is a back-end communication software which helps a power system module to enable exchange of data between remote IEC 61850 systems. Different IEC 61850 communication profiles are available based of power system functionality and their communication scope.

  • IEC 61850 Client

To gather IEC 61850 status data from remote server systems and issue controls. Applicable for station level systems like SCADA, DCS and bay level systems like data concentrators, bay controller unit.

  • IEC 61850 Server

To report IEC 61850 data and facilitate management of local functionality to client systems. Applicable for bay level IEDs like relay, RTU, bay controller unit.

  • IEC GOOSE Publisher / Subscriber

Applicable for bay level IEDs interested in exchanging fast and priority events and control between other bay level IEDs. Protocol packet uses VLAN priority tagging.

  • IEC SMV Publisher / Subscriber

To send and receive digital sampled value data. Applicable for bay level IEDs that  monitor CT / PT information, and process level devices that sample analog signals and convert them to digital sampled value packets.

61850 Projects:

  • IEC 61850 implementation consulting for an Indian OEM
  • IEC 61850 consulting for a European OEM
  • IEC 61850 implementation training for a US OEM
  • Implementation of IEC 61850 process bus consulting for an Indian OEM

ICCP Projects:

  • ICCP training and integration for a US OEM
  • ICCP integration with Alstom EMS for a US generation utility

IEC 60870/DNP3 Projects:

  • DNP3 consulting for a US OEM
  • IEC 60870-5-101 consulting for a European OEM
  • IEC 60870-5-101 implementation training for an Indian OEM
  • DNP3 adaptation support for an Indian OEM