Kalkitech provides turnkey solutions for optimizing power generation, automating key transmission and distribution utility operations and integration of renewable energy.  With the core focus on providing standards based energy efficiency solutions in Metering, Automation and Energy Optimization, Kalkitech has a large solutions team working on some of the most technology-leading application areas in the Smart Grid. These include:

Substation Automation

Turnkey solutions for Substation Automation incorporating technology leading communication products, protocol expertise and engineering services.
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Distribution Automation

Solutions that help in real time monitoring of Distribution equipment and integrate with SCADA/DMS systems across major utilities.
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Remote Accessibility System

Disturbance Recording and Remote Accessibility Systems – facilitating remote access to IEDs, enable disturbance record files download and automatic fault analysis.
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Wide Area Monitoring System

Kalkitech’s proven Wide Area Monitoring Solutions help monitor grid stability and provide situational awareness of geographically spread out areas in real time through PMUs, PDCs and WAMS visualization and analysis systems.
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Smart Metering

Kalkitech’s Automated Meter Reading (AMR) / Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Solutions help gather real-time data for industrial, commercial and residential consumers.
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Grid Metering

The Grid metering systems help grid utilities to collect automatically, analyze and manage meter data, for outage management, revenue protection and asset management.
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Dispatch Operations

Kalkitech solutions for real time monitoring and control of energy dispatch at LDC boundary points, including UI and energy interchange management (under ABT regime)
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Plant Performance Optimization

The Power Plant Performance Analysis, Diagnostics and Optimization (PADO) is designed for monitoring and optimizing the key indicators of thermal power station equipment by using advanced mathematical modeling and optimization techniques and standards from ASME PTC.
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Economic Generation and Dispatch            

Kalkitech’s Economic Generation and Management (ABT) solutions provide merit order ratings for running power plants optimally‚ÄĒ optimized to dynamic scheduling and UI charges along with monitoring for net metering.