Solutions for the Power Transmission Sector

Electric power transmission involves the transport of electricity over great distance, from the source of generation to the source of consumption, both generally separated by long distances. The process involves multiple voltage levels to reduce transmission losses and a large amount of passive and active infrastructure to make the transmission happen. Given the history of cascaded black-outs in many countries, the importance of reliability and system security in transmission is more now than ever before. Substation automation, centralized fault analysis, Energy Management systems, wide area monitoring, asset monitoring, support for energy markets and renewable integration are some of the important requirements for a stable grid and to enable the smart grid transmission system.

Kalkitech’s solutions for the transmission sector include:

Centralized IED Management and Substation Asset Analytics

Centralized IED management enables the collection of fault records remotely in real-time, enable remote review and updation of IED settings in secure and auditable way, monitor and manage the IED network status and uptime, provide for remote management of IED’s, Disturbance fault Analysis and Substation Asset Analytics.
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Substation Automation

Integrated and standards based solutions for sub-station automation with Web based HMI, Station Controllers, Gateways and 61850 Engineering tools with integrated PDC and Fault analytics functions. Solutions provide for compliance with NERC / CIP requirements.
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Grid Metering

The Grid metering systems help grid utilities to collect automatically, analyze and manage interface meter data for transmission billing and also for fine-tuning the scheduling of energy market scheduling and reconciliation.
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Dispatch Operations

Kalkitech solutions for real time monitoring and control of energy dispatch at LDC boundary points, including UI and energy interchange management (under ABT regime)
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Wide Area Monitoring System

Kalkitech’s proven Wide Area Monitoring Solutions help monitor grid stability and provide situational awareness of geographically spread out areas in real time through PMUs, PDCs and WAMS visualization and analysis systems.
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