SYNC 4000

Control Center Gateway and Head End Processor for DA and SG Applications, scalable to 100,000 devices, supports ICCP, IEC 661850, DNP3, IEC 608705-104, IEC 61131 and Private Cloud Support


SYNC 6500

DLMS/COSEM metering testing tool having client application with OPC data access V3.0 server interface.


SYNC 5000

Metering head-end system for grid metering & LT consumer metering with multiple interface options including DLMS/COSEM that supports IEC62056, ANSI C12.18/19 and IEC60968-9.


SYNC 2100

Compact RTUs with high performance attributes combining IO support, advanced PLC function support & wide range of protocols including IEC 61850, DNP3.0, IEC 60870-101/104 and Modbus.


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