team6 Prasanth Gopalakrishnan

President & CEO
Prasanth Gopalakrishnan is the founder and CEO of Kalkitech. He founded Kalkitech in May 1998 with a vision to make it a technology leader in the field of energy optimization and communication solutions.

team6 Vanishree Gururaj

Executive Vice President & CFO
Vani Shree Gururaj joined Kalkitech as Chief Financial Officer in January 2013. She has more than 20 years of experience working with multi-national companies and large Public Sector Enterprises.

team6 George Punnoose

Executive Vice President & COO
George Punnoose is responsible for the company’s overall operations. He has more than 34 years of experience in the power industry.

team6 Bill Davila

Vice President – North American Sales
Bill Davila joined ASE/Kalkitech in October 2016 and brings over 25 years of utility experience in consulting, sales and sales management.

team6 Jose Thomas

Vice President – Power T&D
Jose Thomas has held various positions at Kalkitech over a 16 years period, the most recent being VP Product Management for Kalkitech’s flagship product line.

team6 Johney Varghese

Vice President – SmartGrid Services
Johney Varghese is in charge of Engineering for Kalkitech’s Technology Services Group. He has 22+ years of experience in Implementation Services and IT technologies and extensive experience in managing large projects across verticals.

team6 Sushil Cherian

Vice President – Power Generation
Sushil Cherian is the Co-founder of Kalkitech and has over 22 years of experience in Control and Automation Systems, specifically in the Power and Oil and Gas industries.

team6 Jack Verson

Jack Verson Co-Founded Applied Systems Engineering in 1981 and has been instrumental in the development of market leading ASE2000 Protocol Test Set product.

team6 Vinoo Shankar Warrier

Director – Research & Development
Vinoo Shankar Warrier is responsible for Product R&D at Kalkitech. He has more than 17 years of experience in the Design and Development of complex communication products and integration projects between disparate systems.

Denise Barton Denise Barton

Head of Global Marketing
Denise Barton has responsibility for managing the global marketing team for Kalkitech/ASE. She has an extensive background in leading the creation of successful marketing strategies and communications for high-tech companies.