Kalkitech helps enable a smarter grid. We help energy and utility companies across the globe improve energy efficiency, by providing standards-based technology products and solutions in the areas of Advanced Metering, Substation Automation, Distribution Automation, Wide Area Monitoring and Power Plant Optimization. Our services include consulting, protocol implementation, training, testing and validation. We help educate utilities and OEMs about smart grid technologies and how to deploy them. We invest extensively in research and development (R&D), collaborate with leading utilities, and partner with regional leaders across the globe, to provide industry leading technology solutions to our customers in over 70 countries.

We help our customers reduce time-to-market and save on R&D time and costs, by helping them integrate advances in technology (or emerging communication standards) into their existing products, thus extending their product’s reach and application scope.

Kalkitech Offerings

Kalkitech offers communication and optimization Products, customized Services and turnkey Solutions for the power industry.

We provide turnkey solutions for optimizing power generation, automating key transmission and distribution components and for integrating renewable energy. Our software solutions provide valuable insights into a utility’s business operations. This enables them to take the right business decisions to improve performance.

Key solutions include:

  • Power Plant Optimization
  • Economic Generation & Dispatch Distribution Automation
  • Wide Area Monitoring Systems
  • Disturbance Recording and Remote Accessibility Systems
  • Grid Metering
  • Distribution Automation
  • Substation Automation
  • Dispatch Operations
  • Smart Metering
  • DLMS/ COSEM Solutions

ASE: Our ASE suite of products leverage our technology leadership in data communication protocols for the power grid. The product suite includes RTU/IED protocol test equipment, SCADA communication protocol translators and front-end processors.

SYNC: Our SYNC suite of products forms the core of our Smart Grid solutions. They enable seamless and secure field-to-enterprise communication and interoperability. SYNC products have been in use worldwide for nearly a decade in the areas of Substation Automation, Distribution Automation, Remote Monitoring, Consumer and Grid Metering.

ELTRIX: Our Eltrix suite of software products help to optimize power generation, transmission and distribution by reducing operational costs and maximizing efficiency. They include:

  • PPM Power Plant Monitoring
  • PADO Performance Analysis Diagnostics Optimization
  • DOPS Dispatch Operations of Power Systems
  • MOD Merit Order Dispatch (Economic Generation)
  • GM Generation Management

Kalkitech offers customized technology services to the energy and utility industries. Our services group helps utilities keep pace with technology advancements and adapt to new and emerging industry trends. Our expertise in the automation and communication domains stems from more than 1,000 man-years of experience gained from working for the major OEMs. Our deep knowledge of a host of utility protocols including IEC 61850, DLMS, ICCP and CIM, among others, enables OEMs to extend their market reach and helps utilities standardize their automation and enterprise integration processes.

Our services team provides support throughout the project life cycle – from analysis and design to development, testing and training. Our range of services include application development, product engineering, re-engineering, consulting, testing and product development to full life-cycle management including roadmap design.

Our services include:

Product Engineering Services

  • Smart Grid enabled Product Development services
  • Integrating Smart Grid technologies into existing products
  • Protocol implementation services
  • Communication Hardware customization / OEMs

Protocol Services

Enterprise Integration Services

Automation and SCADA Services

Experts in

  • PLC
  • DCS
  • RTU

Smart Grid Services

Smart Grid Consulting & Training

  • Consulting services to OEMs and utilities to better understand the technologies used in the smart grid and how to deploy them
  • Training on Smart Grid communication protocols