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Case Studies

  220/400kV Substation Automation
The client, a Major Utility Automation company required SCADA Engineering and Commissioning Support for their 220/400 KV Sub-Station Automation project.

  24/7 Generation Control Center for Plant and Fleet Level Generation Management
Client’s requirement was to implement a centralized management of the fleet of power plants with a real-time monitoring of its generation and to minimize the cost of operations with maximum revenues from various Tariff heads.

  ABT Application Software for Transmission Utility in Central India
The Transmission Utility required a solution that would enable the SLDC to play extended role of an ISO (Independent System Operator) or TSO (Transmission System Operator) in future. Also the solution should accommodate or adapt to regulatory changes. However, challenge was to develop a solution capable to support and comply with the emerging international standards and protocols that are being developed for power sector and has wide acceptance among utilities across the globe.

  AMR for enabling online availability based tariff
The client had set up a state of the art Generation Control Centre (GCC) with connectivity to three of its Thermal Power Stations to continuously monitor on-line Plant Parameters and Plant Performance for Optimization of input cost and UI revenue maximization. For the same, it intended to create an Online ABT (Availability Based Tariff) System.

  Automated Meter Data Acquisition System Aggregating Data from Multiple Meter Vendors
MSEDCL, as the supplier of electricity to nearly 20 million consumers across Maharashtra, has customers across residential, agricultural, commercial and industrial categories. For the multiple makes of meters it worked with, MSEDCL was looking for a common MDAS system, one which would integrate with its billing system. The utility was facing issues dealing with multiple head end systems supplied by various meter manufacturers. Getting accurate and timely meter data was becoming increasingly difficult due to lack of scalability, poor performance and higher integration efforts. MSEDCL also wanted to acquire energy meter data from multiple makes of meters installed at HT (High Tension) consumers throughout the state of Maharashtra.

  Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) for India’s Northern Region Transmission Network
This is India’s largest AMR project in terms of geographical reach. Being the first ever large-scale grid metering project, it would serve as a benchmark for similar projects being planned for the other five regions in India.

  Centralised generation control room
To manage and control the complete generation portfolio, it was essential for the client to monitor the generation at the enterprise level. So client’s requirement was to set up a Generation Control Centre at corporate headquarters. The key functions required in GCC were integration, top to bottom drill down facility, regulatory compliance for grid participation, revenue maximization by minimizing operational costs, and optimal load allocation between thermal & hydro power plants. Client also intended to implement ABT mechanism with precise regulatory compliance.

  Customizing DLMS server library to meet client specifications
Emlite was looking for a partner to identify the deviations between the DLMS UA specifications and the TEPCO mandated specifications, incorporate new features to meet TEPCO requirements, pinpoint customization areas in the DLMS Server library, conduct performance tests, check conformity to TEPCO specifications and optimize memory usage.

  Data Transmission from Wind Farm to Distribution Center
Cavalum is a private company founded in 1995, dedicated to promoting and developing electrical energy production using renewable resources.

  Dispatch Operations of Power System

  Distribution Automation System
Over the past few years, the utility was grappling with several issues related to operational efficiency, rising costs and timely restoration of power subsequent to outages.

  DNP3 Protocol Master For VMS SCADA
DNP3 Protocol Master For VMS SCADA

  DNP3 Protocol Slave Driver For PLC
DNP3 Protocol Slave Driver For PLC

  Enabling Disturbance Data Collection using SYNC 3000 and SYNC 4000
The utility needed to consolidate data related to IEDs and devices installed at multiple substations which currently used an extensive range of substation protocols for data transfer.

  Enabling IEC61850 Communication for Protection IEDs using SYNC 200
The client faced a strong market requirement for IEC 61850 protocol capability in its existing line of protection relays, together with stringent latency and performance requirements to meet IEC 61850 GOOSE standards. The client identifed Kalkitech’s SYNC 221 as the right solution for meeting market specifcations and time-tomarket requirements, with minimal or no change to its existing product line.

  Enabling interoperability in customer device by incorporating DLMS/COSEM protocol
With extensive rollouts of the smart grid in the European Union, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, the client needed to develop a new line of IEC compliant meters to gain a foothold in these markets.

  Enabling interoperability in customer device by upgrading to IEC 61850 standards
The client faced a strong market requirement for IEC 61850 capability in its existing line of event logger devices and needed a quick go-to-market solution.

  Enabling Large-Scale Substation Automation Using Kalkitech’s DCU, SYNC 3000
Codensa planned to modernize 70 of its high voltage substations and incorporate new technologies, while maintaining compatibility with existing control systems such as Distributed Remote Terminal Units (RTUs).

  Enabling Smart Metering for MSEDCL using SYNC5000
In a recent new technology rollout, MSEDCL was focusing on multi-vendor interoperability. Their chief objective was vendor-independent deployments through competitive bidding, with guaranteed interoperability and scaling-ondemand. Multiple proprietary head-end systems and platforms were found to be the major obstacles to interoperability and a lack of timely meter reads the most visible symptom of scaling problems.

  Enabling the Smart Grid in India - Puducherry Pilot Project
The Electricity Department of Puducherry was facing issues due to error prone manual meter reading, lack of visibility of peak demand periods and inefficiencies in energy accounting.

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