December 2017 Newsletter

Kalkitech Participated at IEC 61850 IOP 2017

IOP Event

Kalkitech participated as a vendor in the IEC 61850 IOP event hosted by the UCA International Users Group. This unique event provides a live lab environment for testing the interoperability of multiple vendors’ IEC 61850 devices. The objective of the testing is to demonstrate interoperability between devices as well as identify potential interoperability issues. This marked the first time the event, held in New Orleans, Louisiana, October 14-19, 2017, was held in the United States. The event offered attendees the opportunity to see firsthand, the performance and interoperability of IEC 61850 devices.

IOP Event

The extensive simulated environment included two linked substations with multiple bays, populated with IEDs and IEC 61850 tools from over 40 participating companies. Kalkitech participated in the testing with its ASE61850 Communications TestSet and ASE 61850 SCL Manager (both part of the ASE61850 Suite), and SYNC 3000 Substation Data Concentrator.

Kalkitech’s SCL Manager was used as the SCT (System Configuration Tool) for half of the entire system configuration. Kalkitech’s SYNC 3000 was configured as a Bay Controller Unit (BCU) in two locations, one as a BCU for the A1 Outgoing feeder at the LV substation and the second as a BCU in Incoming B at the boundary between the two substations. The SYNC 3000 demonstrated interoperability with General Electric’s T60 and ERLPhase Power Technologies’ T-PRO transformer protection IEDs, collecting trip signals from both protection IEDs and using Boolean OR logic functions to produce a GOOSE trip signal to the RTDS Technologies BC. The SYNC 3000 was also configured to collect the breaker status from RTDS and publish status GOOSE messages. In the second location, the SYNC 3000 primarily acted as a SCADA interface for supervisory commands, translating them into GOOSE controls to RTDS. Prior to the final configurations and roles of the devices were fully defined, Kalkitech’s SYNC 3000 was also used to interoperate with a few other devices including CYG Sunri’s PRS7367 protection relay.

The ASE61850 Communications TestSet successfully connected and downloaded configurations from multiple vendors’ devices in the substation LAN, examining their contents and reports. At one point, the ASE61850 TestSet’s scan feature automatically was used to discover 14 devices connected and available in the network and successfully downloaded and populated their IED data models.

Kalkitech’s SCL Manager was selected for use as a complete SCT for roughly half of all the participating devices in the system. SCL Manager worked flawlessly with multiple configuration changes, IEDs with multiple editions of IEC 61850, merging updated data models and modified signal mappings many times throughout the event, all the while maintaining a coherent system configuration repository.

This valuable industry event provided insights into the evolution of the IEC 61850 standard and various vendors’ implementations of it. Kalkitech is committed to continuing to evolve its products to ensure compliance with the IEC 61850 standard and ensure interoperability to meet the needs of its power utility customers.

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Kalkitech and Edaltec Host Workshop on Best Practices in IED Management and Grid Automation

Workshop in Chile

Kalkitech and Edaltec (Kalkitech’s partner in Chile) were invited by the Electrical department of Universidad de Santiago de Chile, to share their expertise and lead a seminar on “Best Practices in IED Management and Grid Automation”. The event was held at the at the university’s campus in Santiago on August 30th, 2017. There were over forty attendees including representatives from major utilities such as Transnet, Chilectra and Transelec; Coordinador Electrico National (the national organization responsible for coordinating and regulation of power); and utility systems integrators.

Workshop in Chile

Speakers and topics presented:

  • Mr. Juan Jose Navarro, CEO, Edaltec – Overview of the smart grid and automation landscape in Chile.
  • Engineer Salomon Escobar, Manager, Rentafrio – CEN road-map for the centralized remote protection management system and regulation normativos on remote protection reading systems.
  • Mr. Vimal Warrier, South America Business Development, Kalkitech – Best practices in IED management and grid automation. The presentation was based on the company’s experience with similar projects worldwide with leading utilities including PGCIL India, EDP & REN Portugal, OETC Oman and others.

Workshop in Chile

The event concluded with a demonstration on automated disturbance record collection and remote management using relays from multiple vendors and Kalkitech’s SYNC 3000 Substation Data Concentrator and Power System Enterprise Suite (PSES) software.

Kalkitech and Edaltec, are committed to the fast-growing Chile power sector, and to continuing to provide innovative solutions and deliver best practices and customization to meet the needs of customers.

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