The ASE 61850 Suite includes compliance and management applications to help in configuration, testing and simulation of IEC 61850 environments. It includes the ASE 61850 Communications TestSet, SCL Manager and IED Smart.

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ASE 61850 Communications TestSet

  • Identifies devices by scanning/entry of network address
  • GOOSE messages and report data
  • Monitor individual nodes
  • Easy to use

ASE SCL Manager

  • Optimize time and effort in substation engineering
  • Hides complications associated with IEC 61850
  • Improved functionality for configuration, on-line validation
  • Assures interoperability


  • Simulate and monitor IEC 61850 server, GOOSE and sampled value function
  • Simulate multiple IEDs concurrently
  • Configure simulated IEDs with standard IEC 61850 configuration files

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