ELTRIX GM (Generation Management / ABT) Module

GMGeneration management provides a decision support system for plant managers and operators to manage the day–to-day operations of power generation, in-line with the Availability Base Tariff (ABT) system.

ELTRIX Generation Management module eliminates the need for complex manual processing and calculations by plant managers. It helps protect the interests of the generation company or power plant and provide a decision support system for regulatory compliance.

The Eltrix Generation Management module provides the following functions:

  • Closely monitors the grid frequency, Automatic Generation Control (AGC) operations and plant output in terms of energy exported to grid.
  • Real-time inputs to the operators on the asking-rate scheduled on generation and slippages.
  • Accounting the energy transactions as well as notificaiton of slippage from the scheduled generation.
  • Computation of various tariffs like capacity charges, energy charges and unscheduled interchange (UI) charges
  • Interacting with the Independent System Operators (ISO) or Load Dispatch Center (LDC).
  • Reconciliation and Settlement validation
  • Implementing generation schedules
  • Managing open access and bilateral exchanges
  • Monitoring plant usage, plant load factor and various other KPIs linked to asset performance.
  • Impact analysis of UI

Business and Operational Processes

ELTRIX Engineering Editor provides a work flow modeling interface that can help automate many of the day- to-day activities in the generation control room, as well as business and operational interactions within the generation company. It enables user interaction, validation and approval, event notification and service job initiations. Workflows are executed in the work flow engine which is a part of ELTRIX Runtime Server. A Generation Management system can have workflows associated with interactions with ISOs and LDCs, power exchanges, ERP systems and Billing and Asset Management systems.

Regulatory Compliance

Accounting, tariff management and operating codes for a generating plant will vary from region to region depending on the market in which the plant is operating. These are primarily governed by rules and regulations framed by corresponding regulatory bodies. Since regulation can change over a period of time with amendments, enhancements and new notifications, it is highly challenging to keep accounting accurate while ensuring compliance.

ELTRIX has a rule management system which helps to keep the regulatory part of the logic independent of software code. The regulation linked logic is built into ELTRIX as rules and rule sets using ELTRIX Rule Governor, and executed within the Rule execution engine as part of the Runtime Server. Rules can be defined by using intuitive graphics and simple English.

ELTRIX Generation Management provides an integrated information system for operators at the individual generating unit’s control center. It can also be used by plant management executives. It offers a wide range of features designed to be easy to use, ease to integrate and meets interoperability requirements.

  • Supports IEC-62325 (standards related to energy market models and communications) and Common Information Model (CIM) for Market Extension Models
  • Interfaces with the plant’s Distributed Control Systems (DCS)/ Plant DAS (Data Acquisition System) and Energy Meter Data Acquisition Systems
  • Provides the ‘Asking-rate of Generation’ to plant operators
  • Flexible work flow creation and rule integration
  • Projects generation deficit/ surplus for a day/ block of operation
  • Allows for regulatory logic using Rule Engine
  • Alarms on regulatory non-compliance and deviations
  • Eltrix Decision Portal provides a web based interface for monitoring, reporting, analysis and work flow interactions required for Generation Management.

The following are the major components that form part of the ELTRIX Generation Management system.

Eltrix Engineering Editor is a rich client interface which allows you to model and configure the interchange, operating and sub control centre areas for a plant as well as associated metering and measurement functions. The associated financial, market operations, scheduling models are also configured for Accounting and Tariff calculations, validating settlements and reconciliation. Rule Governor within Eltrix Engineering Editor provides an interface for domain experts to configure regulatory logic, and helps to manage any changes in regulation. Workflow sub component enables users to build process/business work flow needed for plant operations.

Eltrix Runtime Server is the server component which performs real time data updates, storage of objects, retrieval of data, tariff and accounting computations and rule and work flow execution. It has an OPC UA/DA communication driver used for interaction with meter data acquisition system. It also manages interactions with a power exchange or LDC/ISO over a TCP/IP or web service transportation layer.

Eltrix Decision Portal is the end user interface for plant operators or managers to visualize and analyze Generation KPIs, Accounting/Tariff reports and Generation Trends & Charts. It delivers a rich set of analytics and helps track KPIs. Support of Web 2.0 technology makes it possible to deliver time critical information over a standard web client. User can generate daily, weekly, monthly or shift reports for details such as meter data, tariffs, energy exported and imported.