Eltrix PPM (Plant Performance Management) Module

SYNC-2000Product-image-editOperating power plants at maximum efficiency is a high priority for any generation utility. Different factors such as load conditions, equipment degradation, ambient conditions, and operator oversight may cause the generation unit to operate under less than optimal conditions. Kalkitech’s ELTRIX Plant Performance Management (PPM) module enables operators to constantly ensure optimal operation of the generating unit. The PPM module is closely integrated with generation unit Distributed Control System (DCS) and functions as an extension to the DCS. It provides advisory inputs to the operator in real time regarding key parameters such as boiler efficiency, turbine heat rate, cycle efficiency, auxiliary equipment performance, etc. The PPM module is capable of providing these advisory inputs directly through its user interface or through the operator interface of DCS. It is adaptable to coal, gas, oil, hydro, CCGP and waste heat recovery based power plants.

Efficiency calculations in PPM are done using standard mathematical models of ASME Performance Test Codes (ASME PTC). It undertakes efficiency calculations for all types of power plant boilers such as fluidized bed consumption boiler, wall fired boiler and tangentially fired boiler. Table 1 shows some of the ASME PTC being  adhered to in performance calculations:



PTC 4.4


PTC 12.2

Condenser ASME

PTC 6.1

Steam Turbine ASME

PTC 22

Gas Turbine ASME

PTC 12.1

Closed feed water heaters ASME

PTC 4.1

Steam Generator ASME

PTC 4.3

Air Heater ASME

PTC 46

Overall plant performance ASME

PTC 12.3

De-aerator ASME

PTC 18

Hydraulic Turbine & Pump ASME
Table 1: ASME code and particulars

Boiler efficiency is a critical parameter which has a direct impact on the efficiency of the power plant. Through Kalkitech’s ELTRIX PPM, generation power plants can improve boiler efficiency by 1-2%. Table 2 explains the monetary benefits of using PPM.


Station Capacity (MW)

Minimum Annual savings     (Million USD)

1% boiler efficiency improvement

2% boiler efficiency improvement

















Table 2: Monetary benefits of ELTRIX PPM

ELTRIX PPMClass I calculations are equipment protection calculations for detecting alarm malfunctions while class II calculations are performance calculations for equipment along with heat rate deviations.

PPM calculates several  key performance parameters, including those on boilers, turbines, feed water heaters, condensers, air heaters, economizer,s de-aerators, feed pumps, ID / FD fans etc. Key parameters include temperature and pressure rates for boilers, turbines, super heaters, etc.

Other calculations

In addition to Class I and Class II calculations, PPM module carries out calculations related to analog points such as sum/ difference, average/ maximum/ minimum integration, selection of one analog point out of two, status of digital point, duration for which an analog point is above or below the threshold, digital point running average, time projection and rate of change of calculations.

Data validation and estimation component

It enables automatic substitution of bad quality data using an appropriate correction curve and neural network model. In case, the suitable substitution equation is not available or the substitution process point is of bad quality, then the process point is substituted with the last known good quality value. Quality and substituted information is propagated throughout the calculation and the operator has the facility to overwrite.

What-if component

It enables off-line simulation which helps the operator to view the effect on output by changing the input parameters