Substation Alarm Manager Annunciation and Data Viewer

Substation Alarm ManagerApplied Systems Engineering, Inc.’s Substation Alarm Manager (SAM) was developed in order to provide Power Utilities with a simple way to show the current status and data within a substation. SAM Substation Annunciator utilizes our extensive protocol library and allows for a wide variety of substation equipment to be monitored.

Data for SAM can be acquired either by eavesdropping on an active circuit or directly polling an RTU/IED. Collection data is transmitted to SAM through the OPC protocol. This allows SAM to perform its alarm monitoring function either locally at the substation or at a remote site.

The complete SAM package consists of a substation hardened PC (no moving parts), a touch-screen 19” rack-mount monitor, and the Annunciation and Data Viewer software. SAM is also offered in scaled down versions.

The software supports configuration of multiple annunciation pages containing either digital, analog, or pulse values. The software supports configuration of alarm conditions, color, font size, and layout on the annunciation page.

SAM has optional Control capabilities which may allow for the user to activate controls locally or remotely via the SAM software.

Gathering the Data: Multiple Options

The SAM software integrates seamlessly with ASE’s SCADA Protocol Translation (SPT) software. The SPT can gather data from downstream devices (RTUs/ IEDs) using any of the 40 protocols currently available. The SPT integration allows for SAM system to also act as a protocol Gateway, data concentrator, or protocol translator, if optional upstream protocols are included. Please see the options below:
The SAM software also can be run remotely over a network, or can be integrated on a 3rd party substation processor.

The SAM base system includes a license for up to 4 communication channels and 2 Network port with up to 6 network connections. Optional serial I/O hardware is available to communicate with legacy bit oriented protocols. SAM is fully expandable to include more serial or network ports as required.

Model Description
SAM-900 Integrated package including Touch-screen monitor, hardened PC, universal power supply, mounting panel, SAM software for annunciation and data acquisition.
SAM-750 Includes hardened PC,universal power supply,, mounting panel, SAM software for annunciation and data acquisition.
SAM-500 Includes Touch-screen monitor and SAM software for annunciation and data acquisition ( no hardened PC).
SAM-100 SAM software for annunciation and data acquisition only.
SAM-KBD Optioanl 1U 19″ rack keyboard and trackpad on slidable drawer

SAM Specifications

Software Configuration Windows based configuration systems allows for Alarm specification, analog limits, scaling and point descriptions.
Protocol Configurable per Channel
Poll / Eavesdrop Configurable per channel
Point Counts Maximum 30,000 points
Alarm Displays Configurable size and color options
Hardened PC Processor 300MHz AMD Geode GX1 CPU with CS5530A companion chip.Upto 512MB ram capability
Serial Ports 4 serial Ports 16C550 compatible, ESD protected
USB Ports Four USB 2.0
Network Port 2- 10/100 Base-T, IEEE 802.3 Standard
Touch Screen Size 19” Rack-mount – 17” Display panel , 3” deep
Features Touch screen with USB inputs from PC
Optional PC-104 Two Channel multi-function I/O boards supporting bit and byte, asynchronous and synchronous, serial (RS232 and RS485) communications
DC to AC inverter Coverts 48VDc to 120 AC to power all SAM components (10W)
Protocol Addition Add Additional protocols to your SAM system to add Data Concentrator, Protocol Conversion, or Gateway capabilities