AMI-AMR Development Framework

Automatic meter reading (AMR) started as an automated method of collecting basic meter reading data. Subsequently Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) emerged from AMR, evolving from the same technology with the added capability of allowing two way communications with the meter. AMI includes hardware software communications consumer displays and controllers besides meter data management software and supplier business system. Together this enables AMI systems to collect measure and analyze usage. The two-way communication further supports communication with multiple metering devices that include gas meters, water meters, electricity meters, or heat meters. Both, government agencies and utilities are today increasingly adopting AMI as part of their smart grid for cities initiatives.

The key features of our AMR/AMI framework include:

  • Customized Implementation of AMR/AMI system
  • Custom development of Data Concentrators Unit (DCU), Intelligent Modem and Hand Held Units (HHUs) supporting smart meter communication

The key offerings of the AMR/AMI framework are:

  • Enhancement of existing AMR/AMI to suit various smart grid requirements
  • Development of communication interfaces and adapters for Meter Head End system