Metering Protocol Integration Framework

A common challenge faced by the industry is the need for an integrated metering protocol framework that is capable of performing across diverse customer platforms. Kalkitech has leveraged its expertise in advanced metering implementation to develop a metering protocol integration framework that can be customized to integrate diverse standard protocols such as DLMS, EIC 102 and Modbus. With an efficient interface and a modular design, the framework is designed to optimize use of memory and resources.

Among the key features of the metering protocol integrated framework are the following:

  • Modular Framework for meter communication interface integration.
  • Designed for optimal use of memory and resources
  • Data interface module capable of accessing data from various sources (on chip, external , database etc)

The metering protocol integration framework includes key offerings such as

  • Platform interface module to integrate the framework on any customer specific platform with /without Operating system
  • Customized to integrate standard protocols like
    • DLMS
    • IEC 102
    • IEC 62056-21
    • ANSI C 12
    • Modbus
    • SML, Mbus
  • Configuration interface module to take care of varying device dependent mappings