Field Services

Kalkitech offers field services within India and overseas. As the partner of choice for OEMs and ISVs across the energy industry, Kalkitech provides end-to-end product life cycle support through processes that are standardized and certified. Kalkitech projects span a clientele located in over 20 countries spread across four continents.

The key features of the Kalkitech- Field Services Overseas Engineering & Automation include

  • Scalability and adaptability to satisfy regulatory frameworks and security domains
  • Focus on servicing large and continuous engineering and commissioning requirements

The key offerings of the field services are

  • Ability to identify specific monitoring and control needs of the industry Offering of technical engineering services including SCADA/HMI, RTU, PLC, DCS Design & Consulting
  • Applicability across multiple Industry Verticals of Utilities, Power Generation, T&D

Kalkitech field services within India intend to invest/maintain certain tools and applications that assist customers in expediting their development activities and ensure conformance to standards. These tools and applications include IED Smart-IEC 61850 Server simulator, SCl manager, DLMS Client SCL and DLMS meter Simulator.

The key features of the IED Smart are:

  • Supports Goose, Sampled values along with other standard IEC 61850 functions.
  • Support scripting for automated testing
  • Has flexible licensing options- using dongles

The key offerings of the IED Smart are:

  • As a Windows based application, IED smart can simulate communication interfaces of device/devices in a standard substation.
  • It can also simulate 61850 interface of any IED based on capabilities mentioned in ICD file, SCD file.
  • It is possible to simultaneously simulate multiple devices from a single machine, imitating a real substation environment.
  • It can be used for network loading simulations.