Phasor Data conversion and analysis

Phasors offer coherent data at sub second speeds. Phasor technology can provide data at speeds of 20, 30 or 60 samples per second . With its time synchronized capability and real time dynamics and stability monitoring capacity , phasor technology is invaluable for wide area monitoring. Used globally for data visualization and postmortem analysis applications, phasors define the quality for measurements. Additionally phasors also specify the protocol for data transfer. It reduces congestion costs and enhances asset utilization besides improving state estimation, protection, and controls.

Kalkitech’s phasor data conversion and analysis solution helps extract relevant data from Phasor Data Concentrators (PDC) and use them to analyse and provide useful data.

The key features of phasor data conversion and analysis are

  • Enablement of multiple device , multiple format access to the phasor generated
  • Analytics module with a
    • User interface(UI) layer to represent the results of the analysis and the phasor details
    • Capability to perform as a standalone interface as well as a customer integrated application

The key offerings of phasor data conversion and analysis

  • The phasor data frame work enables customization to meet specific customer requirements
  • It allows conversion of phasor data from multiple sources into a single, common format thus enabling comparative analysis