Protocol Integration and Conversion Framework

Kalkitech’s Protocol Integration/ Conversion framework encapsulates the operation of a dedicated development center model for OEMs and end customers. This is a framework that can be customized to integrate protocol interfaces and protocol conversion application in customer devices.

  • Flexible framework that can be adapted to embedded devices like relays, RTUs, PLCs, Bay controllers, Data concentrators etc.
  • Ability to be configured to integrate protocols
    • IEC 61850
    • IEC 61850 Server
    • IEC 61850 Client
    • Goose Publisher/Subscriber
    • SMV Publisher/Subscriber
    • IEC 60870 based protocols like IEC 101, 104, 103 etc.
    • DNP3
    • Proprietary protocols
  • Use of standard source code libraries wherever possible
  • Optimal use of system resources
  • Use of standard and in-house tools for testing and conformance validation
  • Optional third party conformance certification

The key offerings delivered using this framework include:

  • Upgrading legacy devices by implementing standard industry protocols like IEC 61850, IEC 101, 104 and thereby enhancing acceptance in market
  • Application development on Meters, RTUs, SCADA, DCS, Protection Relays
  • Certification assistance provided for protocols like DLMS, IEC 61850