Substation Automation Solutions

powerKalkitech’s Power System Group has rich experience in the areas of electrical power system design, simulation, consulting and development of basic and advanced simulation tools for electric network analysis. The group also develops and provides real time control, protection and monitoring solutions to power networks, generation systems, frequency control, load management, reactive power control and training simulators.

The Power Systems Group at Kalkitech along with its associate consultants has rich experience in the following areas:

  • Basic and detailed electrical engineering
  • Power system simulation and analysis
  • Protection and control engineering, consulting
  • Custom development of basic and advanced simulation tools for electric network analysis
  • Training in relevant engineering, consulting areas
  • Onsite power quality measurements, harmonic analysis and solutions
  • General engineering software solutions – mathematical solutions, graphics applications, database applications
  • Web based solutions in engineering/energy/power sectors

The following standard studies/services are offered by the Power System Group:

  • Power flow studies
  • Short circuit studies
  • Transient stability analysis
  • Motor starting studies
  • Dynamic stability analysis
  • Protection system studies
  • Harmonic measurements, filter design and analysis
  • Long term energy demand forecast
  • EMTP and line constants
  • Contingency studies
  • Reactive power optimization
  • Optimal power flow
  • Power system stabilizer applications
  • Equipment protection applications
  • Switching transient studies
  • Insulation coordination
  • Evaluation of energy transactions in de-regulated market
  • Ground mat design
  • Reliability evaluation
  • Grid paralleling studies of captive power plants
  • Voltage flicker analysis of the rolling mill industries
  • Switch yard/substation design
  • Power plant auxiliary system design
  • Generator protection
  • Transformer protection
  • Power quality
  • Power system stability
  • Voltage stability

Kalkitech’s Power System consultants are involved in a wide range of tasks across various projects including planning, detailed engineering and purchase specification, procurement assistance, project/site management, on-site engineering services, commissioning supervision, failure analysis, safety engineering as well as transmission/distribution/industrial network planning studies. Some of these services are listed below:

Electrical / Instrumentation Engineering Design:

  • Conceptual system studies and detailed engineering
  • Switchyards and HT/LT substations
  • Switchgear, MCC panel, distribution boards design
  • Main and auxiliary power distribution, switchgear and lighting.
  • Electrical schemes and single line diagrams
  • Electrical power, transmission and distribution lines.
  • Substations, motor control centers
  • Uninterruptible power systems (UPS)
  • Industrial process control lighting and illumination system
  • Earthing and lightning protection systems
  • Fire alarm system
  • Power and control cable design and layout
  • Sizing and selection of electrical equipment/cables, protection schemes, relay coordination
  • Field installation drawings
  • Communication system
  • Instrumentation engineering
  • Preparation of specifications and schedule of quantities
  • Short circuit specifications
  • Power system studies
  • Insulation coordination

PLC systems: 

  • System engineering
  • Engineering and procurement specifications
  • System programming and configuration
  • Logic development
  • Control panel
  • Configuration of displays
  • History data base, logging and management formation reports
  • HMI and SCADA workstations configuration, programming and integration

The Power System Group developed expertise in developing customized software programs required for power systems analysis and efficiency. These modules include our flagship power system analysis software (PowerApps), customized energy management system tools and source code libraries.

Power System Analysis Software

The program includes the following components:

  • Detailed analytics and a host of generalized mathematical functions
  • Graphical user interfaces, graphical packages for single line diagram, plotting, generic graphics
  • Database applications
  • Web based applications
  • Development of modular library of functions suitable for re-distribution
  • Generic User Interface with context help, suitable for data needed for several standard power system analysis software
  • Input data in the format of ASCII, Excel, Access databases.
  • OLE support
  • Object oriented programming approach with power foundation classes (PFC) to build analytical algorithms. The concept is similar to using MFC for MS windows programming in VC++.
  • Standard library facilities for all common electrical elements.
  • Validated algorithms (documents) with standard bench mark examples.
  • Multiple study cases of load flow/short circuit/stability/protection/and other analytical procedures cases for all the network islands in one single execution
  • A single master database for all the study cases and outputs for easier maintenance of project database.
  • Automatic one line diagram creation and presentation of results for all the study cases.

Real Time Software Applications – Energy Management System Tools

Apart from power system analysis, Kalkitech’s power system group has expertise in GIS, energy audit, and EMS projects where our software and engineering skills have been put to use. The following are the functional modules that are readily available and can be directly integrated to a SCADA/EMS system:

  • Network topology processor
  • Observability analysis
  • Static state estimation
  • Contingency ranking.
  • Contingency evaluation.
  • Short term load forecast
  • Optimal power flow/reactive power optimization suitable for real time control.
  • Static voltage stability evaluation.
  • Automatic generation control AGC.
  • Dispatcher’s training simulators – offline tool.
  • Operator training simulators (Power Plants) – offline tool.
  • ATC/TTC [available transfer capability/total transfer capability] calculations
  • Intelligent load shedding and frequency control solutions

Source Code Services

Source Code Services on non-proprietary algorithms and functions are available on mutually agreeable terms, with special consideration for academic and research institutes.

Kalkitech’s Power Systems Group has vast experience in understanding and meeting the various needs of a power system. A snapshot of some of the key projects completed by Kalkitech is given for your reference.

  • Power System Studies for  a steel plant in the Middle East

Power system studies include load flow analysis, short circuit analysis, motor starting studies, harmonic analysis, protection studies and relay setting studies. The system had an electric arc furnace, a ladle furnace, an SVC, 6.6 plant, several 415 volts switch boards supplying LT loads.

  • Transient Stability Simulation Package for a public T&D utility 

The transmission network is a three phase balanced network system which is interconnected with another SAARC nation grid. The project required a transient stability analysis module in three phase systems for evaluation of the electro-mechanical transient response of the system. The client wanted the transient stability analysis module to fetch the data from EMS/SCADA, perform analysis at specified intervals of time, and add specific types of events to the transient stability simulation to cause transients [or disturbances or events] in the network.

  • Power Plant related Studies for a multinational consulting & engineering company

The project included reinforcement of an existing power plant with two additional gas turbine generators with 132 kV grid interconnection and plant auxiliaries represented completely. The scope included load flow studies, short circuit studies as well as protection and coordination.

  • Power Evacuation Scheme for a multi-national manufacturing company

The client’s captive power plant generated surplus power and the client wanted to conduct Power Evacuation Studies to export power to external bulk consumers and T&D consumers. The scope of the work included  site visit, site survey, examination of facilities available, meeting with the T&D  system authorities as well as nearby bulk power consumers and performing various short-term/long term power system studies like load flow studies, short circuit studies, harmonic analysis, stability studies, protection coordination studies, insulation coordination studies as per relevant IEC standards.

  • Protection Coordination Study for a Water Treatment plant

Kalkitech’s power systems experts performed protective device co-ordination analysis for HV panels including two HV incomer panel, two 16 MVA, 33 kV/6.9 kV power transformer, one bus coupler, eight +1 spare distribution transformers ( including LV side breaker of the transformers ),  five +1 spare motor feeders etc and provided results  and recommendations as required by the specifications and the client.

  • Power Systems Training for a multi-national company in Middle East 

The Power System Group (PSG) at Kalkitech successfully provided power systems training to utility engineers in a Middle East country. Experts from PSG prepared the syllabus, tutorial notes, and conducted a five day course at the client site. About 20 engineers from different utilities in the Middle East participated in the training program.

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