Centralized IED Management, Fault file Collection and Analysis Solution

The Kalkitech Centralized IED Management, Fault file collection and analysis solution provides remote access to IEDs, and downloads disturbance records and IED settings. The system is vendor agnostic and with the large repository of protocols in SYNC 3000 and SYNC 2000, the solution enables data collection from standard and proprietary IEDs and their transmission to the control center.

The critical components of the Kalkitech RAS System are:

  1. Power System Enterprise Software for IED Management
  2. SYNC 3000 Substation Data Concentrator
  3. SYNC 4000 RAS Central Server
  4. SYNC 2000 Substation Terminal Server and Protocol Converter

Transforming the existing electric power infrastructure through an asset management and monitoring solution is a critical aspect of the Smart Grid and is the way forward to increase efficiency and reliability. With two-way digital communication, Centralized IED Management systems together with Automatic Fault Analysis Systems can collect disturbance data remotely, detect disturbance and initiate corrective action. Utilities of tomorrow can therefore take proactive action to manage grid disturbances and prevent blackouts.

Power grids are monitored and controlled by advanced substation automation systems, which consist of different types of intelligent electronic devices (IEDs), installed in substations. These devices perform various functions including primary and secondary protection, power factor control and maintain system stability. A disturbance in the system hampers the smooth working of the power grid. To handle these disturbances, utilities need to put in place Remote Access Systems to remotely collect data from substation IEDs, and Automatic Fault Analysis System (AFAS) to analyse disturbance records. An AFA system would enable predictive analysis to prevent outages thereby increasing efficiency and reliability. This is a critical requirement for utilities that plan to move towards unmanned remotely controlled substations in the future.

SYNC 3000 Data Concentrator Unit

SYNC 3000 is a substation hardened hardware that is ideal for collecting large amounts of data from multiple Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), across numerous communication protocols. With enhanced processing and networking features, SYNC 3000 can support more than 120 relays and event loggers, over Serial (RS232/RS485) and Ethernet interfaces. It supports data acquisition through scheduled polling, device (DR / IEDs) initiated transfer as well as on-demand transfer from SCADA / EMS systems. SYNC 3000 can initiate polling when a disturbance event is reported by the relay. The SCADA system can intimate an event such as Circuit Breaker trip or protection relay operation to the data concentrator at the substation for initiating polling of the corresponding relay. Proprietary disturbance records (DR) file format is converted into COMTRADE (IEEE C37.111-1999) binary format by SYNC 3000.

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