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Substation AutomationReliable transmission and distribution of electricity is integral to a utility and its customers. The equipments in a substation should be able to monitor and control the flow of electricity and quickly respond to real-time events without service interruptions.

Smart grid expands the ability of automated substations by building intelligence into existing systems to be able to predict, manage, avoid and quickly respond to real-time events. Automation decreases response times, reduce service calls, enable remote management of operations and improve efficiency. Utilities are also transitioning from closed, proprietary protocols to open standards-based solutions which not only offer interoperability but also vendor independence.

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Kalkitech is one of the leading enablers of substation automation solutions including IEC 61850. Kalkitech has always been in the forefront of interoperability and is one of the first companies to have dedicated products and service offerings specific to IEC 61850. Kalkitech provides a wide range of data concentration and remote monitoring solutions using proven Kalkitech communication products including:

IEC 61850 is a widely accepted international standard for Power System Communication that is being adopted at substations, hydro power plants, wind energy networks and distributed energy resources because of its seamless interoperability characteristics.

Kalkitech is a leading provider of IEC 61850 technology standard for substation automation and smart grid. Kalkitech’s substation automation products and solutions comply with the industry leading IEC 61850 standard, ensuring interoperability with existing legacy systems as well as systems of the future.

Feature Benefits
Visibility Kalkitech SA System collects real-time data from Intelligent Electronic Devices (IED) at the substation and provides a visual representation of this information to help monitor & control grid performance. Our solution can support a large number of IEDs.
Early Problem Identification and Resolution Our Control Center RAS solution tracks the condition of all connected devices at the substation on a real- time basis. This helps utility companies with early fault detection and problem resolution
Multiple Protocol Support A substation typically consists of multiple devices from different manufacturers that support different protocols. Kalkitech enables integration of multiple and disparate substation devices and IED’s and provide and unified automation, control and monitoring sub-system. Furthermore, this single system enables decisions to be made at a central rather than a local level to support un-manning of stations and integration into the Smart Grid.
Overhead Reduction Automated solution reduces the need for large maintenance teams at each substation thereby reducing operating expenses.
Vendor Agnostic Utilities have made large investments for a number of years in IEDs and equipment from different vendors Kalkitech products supports multi-vendor devices and enables reduction in Total Cost of Ownership of the Utility.
Durable Our products are substation ruggedized that can sustain high Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI) and Electro Magnetic Current (EMC) from other substation equipment, and perform reliably under harsh environments. We comply with IEC61850-3 standards in this regard.
Strong After Sales Service and Support
Kalkitech is committed to support its customers through the life-cycle of the product. We have a strong after sales support team with first level support provided by our regional partners in various geographies in local language, and backed up by Kalkitech expert team.

We also provide professional services including engineering services, Substation Automation Consulting, Communication Consulting and Installation and Commissioning support, to ensure that your advanced or complicated automation schemes or integration requirements are also fulfilled.

Well Established International Presence Our products have extensive market exposure and are used by more than 700-800 customers in over 65 countries around the world. Our expertise therefore comes from years of experience in this space.